“This is the kind of ‘stunting’ we should be doing” – Nigerian man tells men as he shows off grocery shopping he did for his babe (VIDEO)

A Nigerian man has shown off how he spoils his woman and has admonished other guys to do the same saying “this is the kind of ‘stunting’ we should be doing”.

The young man took to his social media page to share a video of how he went grocery shopping for his woman and all that he had to do just to please her.

He shared how he checked off the list of all the curated items he set out to get for his babe and even things that were not on the list.

At the end of the video, he shows off the receipt of his purchase and asked guys who always flaunt receipt of how they spent at an expensive restaurant or club, to follow in his footsteps so guys can always help each other out.

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