Toke Makinwa recounts how her ex spoilt her during their relationship

Media personality, Toke Makinwa has shared how her ex made her feel like the only girl in the world while they were dating.

TikTok has been a medium for netizens to express themselves in more ways than one. Taking to the platform, Toke shared in a video, a number of ways in which her ex made her feel special.

According to her, she had the freedom to visit him at will as she had spare keys to his apartment, he bough her flowers weekly, she had access to all his devices and their passwords.

She wrote:

“Woke me up every morning with a “Good morning Baby” text. Gave me all his phone passwords and will always answer every call in my presence.

Added his mum to our video calls randomly and called me her daughter-in-law.

Sent me roses every Wednesday just because… Gave me spare keys to his home because it was my home too.

Drove 6 hours to see me outside of town on a work project…. Was the last person I spoke to every night before he went to bed…. Always picked my calls everytime I called any time of the day”

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