Toyin Abraham and Aunty Exchange Words Online Because of Her Decision to Make Choice Public

By officially declaring Bola Tinubu as her preference for president, Toyin Abraham has faced a great deal of criticism. Since then, she has received numerous insults, but most recently, Toyin had to respond to an Adetutu Balogun, an aunt of hers, who had commented on a tweet she had made. The conversation quickly devolved into an argument. Below is a summary of what happened.

In response, Aunty Adetutu Balogun responded to Toyin saying:

ADETUTU BALOGUN: Omo “asiwaju baby”. Just like “asiwaju baby”, Sanwo baby has presented his plan & strategy to you?Kontinue we are watching.

Upon seeing her post, Toyin Abraham responded to Aunty Adetun saying:

TOYIN ABRAHAM: Aunty tutu sekosi

In response, Aunty Adetutu responded:

ADETUTU BALOGUN: Is that a question or an answer?

To which Toyin Abraham responded:

TOYIN ABRAHAM: E mu kanwahala yin po

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