Video: I’ll never accept groovy if he move to me after beauty eviction because I can never be a second option for him” – Chomzy

Chomzy has insisted that if Groovy had come for her following Beauty’s disqualification, she wouldn’t have agreed because she is never a second choice.

In spite of knowing that Beauty was romantically linked with Groovy, she attacked Groovy and Phyna for bonding during the discussions that took place over the movie night date, and she made this statement while describing it to Rachel.

Chomzy responded to Phyna’s inquiry regarding whether she would have accepted Groovy if he had moved in with her after Beauty was eliminated while talking with Rachel.

Additionally, Chomzy spoke with Rachel how some roommates have been pushing the idea that she was the reason Beauty and Groovy were constantly at odds, which ultimately resulted in her being eliminated.

Recall that Beauty’s violent behaviour, which resulted from her confrontation with Groovy because he danced with Chomzy at the Saturday night party, caused her to be eliminated from the reality TV competition.

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