Video: Unfortunately He’s Not Here Might Not Eat Maybe Till Tomorrow Because No Housemate Care About Me – Bella

Bella, a housemate from Nigeria who has reached level up, has informed Big Brother about her lack of interest in cooking for herself today, which her fellow housemates don’t care about.

Sheggz, her ex-housemate and lover, was mentioned during her diary session, and she said how much she missed him.

Bella told Big Brother about how she has been sleeping all through and further stated that she hasn’t eaten anything since morning because she hasn’t felt like cooking. She also added that it wouldn’t have been so if Sheggz was in the house because it would have made either of them enter the kitchen and make something for the both of them to eat. This was when Bella stated that she may go on an empty stomach till the next day, and the housemates don’t really care. Bella said:

“… unfortunately, he’s not here. I might not eat maybe till tomorrow because I don’t feel like entering the kitchen. And these housemates Big Brother, they don’t care. They don’t care about me like that…”

Recalled That Sheggz, Groovy, and Hermes were kicked out of the house on Sunday night, while Bella, Bryann, and Adekunle survived to the final week. Bella did, however, share some of what Sheggz had said to her before leaving the house with Phyna once the eviction was completed.

Bella also admitted to Phyna that although it had only been a week since he had been gone, she had wanted to cry. Sheggz was described as “very real” to Bella, who added that he was aware of his impending departure even before his eviction.

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