“Wahala Girl”; She has not forgiven her: Little girl embarasses teacher in viral video

A beautiful little girl has caused a frenzy on social media with her attitude towards her teacher.

A video showed the angry little girl ignoring her teacher who stretched out a hand for a hug.

An earlier video however revealed the Genesis of the entire drama and why the little girl feels bitter whenever she sees the teacher.

Apparently, on her first day of school, the girl was brought by her father and she refused to leave his arms.

However, the teacher carried her forcefully to the class and this made the little girl break down in tears.

The clips which were taken a while apart, showed that the little girl has refused to forgive the teacher since then.

Netizens share their thoughts as little girl ignores teacher

Minnie Mvalaise said:

“On the second one she walked in like , I don’t even wanna deal with you today.”

Destinee Smith stated:

“I NEVER used to take a little one from their parent’s arms. It was something about me ripping them away from their lifeline that hurt my feelings too.”

Mae Mirage wrote:

“See here in America I’d the child don’t want to go & behaves like this, don’t force it cuz it will be a distraction to others & she WILL resent the teacher. Now when she does go, you don’t step foot in my class until you acknowledge me. I bet the lil girl now thinks she run the school & the teachers cuz clearly she runs her father.”

Chewe Chewe wrote:

“The teacher did not make it up to her for what she did. You know the young ones need you to show remorse and gain their trust again by talking to them. Try that, you will see, they will love you for ever.”

“Usually if kids dont like you, its a sign that your not a good person or youve done something bad to them.”

Watch the video below:

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