“Waow Age Is Just A Number”: Old Woman in Gown Whine Waist On The Road, Video of Her Sweet Moves Goes Viral.

An elderly woman’s dancing move has turned her into a viral phenomenon on TikTok, where her video has received over 900k views. TikTok fans can’t get enough of the video as they laud the woman for her amusing dance style. The woman, who is obviously a fun lover, stood by the roadside and shook her waist vigorously like a young, sweet sixteen.

An elderly woman who can dance was seen in a TikTok video standing by the side of the road and swaying her waist. In the viral video tweeted by @Umaka galz, the woman danced vivaciously while holding a bottle of beverage.

She dropped her drink when she wanted to try a new motion that included touching the floor while wearing a fitting gown.

In the video, she started the dance by moving her entire body and used her hands to make gestures.

But as the dance went on, she began to use her waist. She shook it ferociously but precisely in time with the music. Everyone who has watched the video has no doubts about the woman’s skill as a dancer.

Watch The Video Below;

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