“We are happy” – 18-year-old Kenyan girl ‘married’ to identical twin brothers reveals she is expecting their first child (video)

An 18-year-old Kenyan girl, Emily Nyaruiru, who is married to identical twin brothers, Peter Kimathi and Teddy Kimathi, is expecting their first child.

Speaking in an interview, the expectant mother said she is not sure who the father is as she is married to both men and either of them could be responsible.

Emily, who went viral after she revealed she was in a polyamorous relationship with the twin brothers, said it was their choice to get married and they are happy together.

According to her, her mother was initially against the union, but she’s now very supportive.

“My mum had been against the relationship, especially them being twins. She asked me to opt for one. However, I insisted I’m ok with the duo. She is now very supportive,” she said.

One of the twin brothers, Peter, who met Emily first, recalled that at the time he was dating Emily, there were moments he would allow his brother to speak to Emily on the phone on his behalf.

When questioned about how he felt when his brother fell for his wife, Peter noted that he was very much okay with the situation.

“We have grown up together, we have done things together, there is that brotherly bond therefore I saw no issue with it,” he said.

Emily on her part said that after meeting the two, she decided to love them both considering they had similar traits.

The twins, who have lived with the same woman for one year, maintain that they will all be caring for the child and fulfilling their responsibilities.

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