“Wetin we no go see” Bride in shock as her groom arrives wedding venue in a coffin dancing happily (Video)

At his wedding, a groom shocked everyone by choosing to make a highly contentious and unusual entrance down the aisle.

He arrived in a casket, and that same coffin was used to transport him from the entrance to the altar. As the groom was being led inside, the guests gasped in amazement.

The groom emerged from the coffin in the treading video looking dapper like one might expect a groom to.

Internet users didn’t appear to like this very much.

Jisosness said:

“God forbid. Life and death have nothing in common. For the coffin was created strictly for the dead and not the living. It all seems like a stunt until another news comes up about his death. For instincts gives us idea of the future while spirits align with our belief. I say it again, may God help forbid it for him.”

See the video here:

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