What I Was Told Because I’m Celebrity Buying Corn from Road – Anita Joseph

The life of a celebrity has been discussed in great detail and is well-documented. There is a lot of glitz and benefits attached to it, but there is also a negative side that includes artificial smiles, criticism, scorn, and unwelcome attention of all kinds. Actress, musician, and influencer Anita Joseph is one person who has personally experienced the highs and lows of fame and is now speaking out about it.

During her interview, Anita Joseph was asked “How are you coping with the rise, and what are the opportunities and challenges being a celebrity has offered you?” She responded:

ANITA JOSEPH: Of course, being a celebrity has brought a lot of opportunities and challenges as well. If I say that being a celebrity has not brought me opportunity or challenges, I would be telling lies. There are things one does and people would say, you are an actor, there are also things one would want to do, but cannot actually do them. For instance, I love eating corn, I can stop by the road side, buy corn and pear and eat, but some people would say Ah! No, you are an actor, you cannot do this; which means you are not yourself anymore, rather a different person who has to be very careful, calculative and cannot be you again. Then, of course, movie and being a celebrity have brought a lot of open doors for me, endorsement, rise in my career, and also taken me to places.

The society is treating me good, but sometimes it is not very easy. At every point, people expect you to smile even when you are not in that mood of smiling and laughing, but you just have to do it because there are people watching you as a celebrity. But I try as much as I can to meet up with everybody, especially when I meet with my fans who would want to hug and talk to me, I give them the needed attention and chance, but it is not easy though because one might not be in the mood, but when they see you as a movie star, they would come around to exchange pleasantries and one must have to be in the mood for them. It is not easy, but we move.

What do you think about what Anita Joseph said? Do you think you would be able to handle fame if it came to you, or do you think from the stories we’ve heard, it sounds too stressful to bear

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