“When you move into a woman’s house, be sure to pack out” Nigerians react as JJC Skillz gives reasons why his marriage to Funke Akindele crashed

The sad news of actress Funke Akindele and her husband JJC Skillz’s split has sparked a variety of comments on Twitter.

JJC Skillz, a Nigerian singer, has publicly announced his split with Funke Akindele, a Nollywood actress and film producer.

Weeks after his son, Benito, disclosed that they were no longer together, he made this statement via his Instagram page.

His words are;

“Dear Friends and family I need to let you know that Funke and I have separated. While it lasted we shared a lot of things together and have created 2 beautiful children. The last two years have been extremely difficult for us. I know I have tried my best to fix things but I believe it is beyond repair now.

 3 months ago and at Funkes insistence I moved out of the house and apart from AMVCA have not been able to get Funke to sit down in an amicable manner to discuss the future of our relationship.

I’m making this announcement so that the public is clear that we both are pursuing separate lives.

We still have issues that need to be addressed such as the custody and wellbeing of our children which is paramount as well as business interests which need to be disentangled but I have no doubt that these will be resolved one way or the other

Mr Abdul Bello”

Reacting to it, Twitter users opined that when a man marries a woman who is way richer and powerful than him, he would be overpowered or controlled.

6ft Giant : This is what happens when you move into woman’s house

The firstborn : When you decide to pack in and live in the building built by your wife believe one day you will be ask to pack out

May : I am not against women doing well/better than their men/partner but personally, it’s a no for me. I can’t marry a lady that’s more financially buoyant than me. Cos wtf is this?

Sarah Peter Obi : Funke get pride for body that woman can never be submissive to her husband

Ene Ojo de great : Don’t marry women who are richer than you. If you want your marriage to last, marry a woman you have more influence than, woman don’t understand power

Omo Kiikan : Funke Akindele marriage has crashed. Marriage is not for 2 males. As a woman if you hustle too much, you become a mle spirit, body and soul

Mayowa : How do u Box a man for this long because u own scene one production. U own a large stake of the business, yes fine. But it doesn’t make u alpha and Omega of the marriage

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