Why I can never marry a virgin — Man gives reason; netizens react (Video)

An up-and-coming podcaster, identified as Dominion King, stirs reactions as he gives his reasons why he cannot marry a virgin.

In an Instagram post, the podcaster revealed that he particularly wants his wife-to-be to have already been deflowered.

When asked about his reason for standing against being a virgin, he gave a premise about infidelity.

He argued that a virgin woman only knows only her man and the day she finds another man attractive would mark the beginning of her infidelity.

Why I can never marry a virgin — Man gives reason; netizens react (Video)
“Dense and irritating mentality, a girl who has kept herself for one man will find it hard to be attracted to another man.
Moreover, I don’t see why a married woman will find another way to have sex from a man who is not her husband! You should be grateful to your virgin wife for making you her first anyway! 🙄,” a social media wrote in reaction.

Another user added, “So many married women that cheat too are under this post bashing this guy😂😂😂 he has a point but so many of you are not ready for that conversation.
If a virgin marries a man that doest know how to have sez plus if the man is not treating her right and she finds another man that does it better outside, its over for that marriage.
No be virgin of nowadays sha wey be say finger Don enter am tire, some virgin od these days sef enjoy themselves in their bedroom more than people that have sez on a daily basis sef😂😂😂😂😂. Virgin wey dey squirt on a daily basis.”

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