“Why I’m still single”- Actress, Liz Da-Silva

Liz Da-Silva is one of the big babes rocking the Yoruba movie industry. She got into acting a few years ago via her friend, Iyabo Ojo and she has since risen to the very top. Of note is Liz Da Silva’s Togolese roots, a news not known to many, even her fans. The pretty role interpreter even revealed to City People GBOLAHAN ADETAYO that her parents are from Togo but they both met here in Nigeria before they agreed to become one. Liz further revealed to us why she changed the name of her annual Ankara Day Show to Africulture among other interesting issues about herself.

You started an annual Ankara Day event which we learnt you have changed to another name, what happened?

It’s an annual show aimed at helping the needy and it comes up on the 27th of December. When I first started, I used to call it Ankara Day and thereafter I started seeing people tagging their various events Ankara Day after which some people will call me to say they heard about my event, when is it coming up. People started getting it mixed up and I thought of changing the name of the event. Though, Ankara remains because any event I am doing yearly, I will still include the Ankara but I want to have a new name that people will know and that is why I came up with another idea that will carry Africa and Culture, the new name is Africulture. We are having the event on 27th of December. I called the last year event Ankara Ball 2015 but this year is tagged Ankara Gig 2016 under Africulture Entertainment

How did you get the name Africulture?

It is because of the kind of person I am. I am African, I love where I am from and that is how I got Afri, then I am a cultural person because I love things that have to do with culture and that is why I call it Africulture.

What are the new things that have been included?

The only thing we just included is giving out awards to notable people out there. If you are conversant with what we have been doing in the past, we help make donations and give to the needy out there.

What prompted the idea of making donations to the less privileged people?

If you live among them or you know them and you have the fear of God and pity in you, you should have it at the back of your mind that you have to reach out to them because most of them are out there feeling neglected. We have presidents, governors, leaders and good people among them but without us helping them to bring them out of their present situation, how do you expect them to implement the greatness in them? If you don’t help them, we are just killing them the more. I don’t have enough but I am trying my best to always reach out to them every year till I breathe my last. We have so many people who will need the support of others including me, people should come out to help them, we don’t have to wait till we make the millions before we help others. We go on the streets and see them while some are even living very close to you, help anyone who is in need.

How do you select the people you reach out to?

I don’t really have any particular person that I select, the one I did last year, I googled orphanage homes and I picked 2, one is located on CMD Road, Magodo and another one on Isaac John, GRA, Ikeja and I visited the 2 after my event to give them my donation.

How about this year?

What I thought of this year is to visit Kano Street in Ebute Meta to pick a girl one at Isale Eko and I will be taking another one but that will be a boy which I am yet to know where to pick from. I am reaching out to 3 people this year. Whatever donation we are able to garner at the event will be given to them. I wouldn’t want to give them the cash so they won’t misuse it but I will visit their homes to know that actual area they need our help.

Are we going to see you giving them scholarships?

If I have the opportunity, I will be so glad to do that. I have solely been doing this event without sponsors. It will be pleasant to have at least a sponsor.

Away from the event, what has been happening to you lately?

I have been doing great, doing what I know how to do best. I just released 2 of my movies titled Iyawo Baba Mi and Kosiwa. Those are the ones I produced and I also featured in other people’s productions.

What inspires your movie productions?

Writing my scripts, I get inspired by things that happen around me. And that is how I have been writing my scripts since 2008. I have one at hand which I am yet to have the courage of producing and I don’t want to discuss it here because if I produce it, the person might know that this is her true life story.

I am aware that your Dad is not a Nigerian?

By birth, I am a Nigerian but by blood, I am from Togo. I grew up on Lagos Island, Obalende to be precise, my parents met here in Nigeria and they got married but the 2 of them are from Togo. Growing up amidst Yorubas helps me in speaking the language.

I didn’t dump one language for another, when I first started, the link I got was from the Yoruba movie industry which I grabbed the opportunity and to the glory of God, I am fine. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t still cross to the English genre.

What brought you into acting?

From my secondary school days, all the dramas we do act in school, I used to be the group leader and I got inspired from there.

How did you join the Yoruba movie industry?

I got into the industry through a friend and a female colleague known as Iyabo Ojo. My first day on set was like I was in paradise. You know what I have been dreaming of doing. When I first started, I didn’t go on set with them, I was only watching what they were doing to learn from each artist and as time went on, I was called to play 2 scenes and I was very happy about it. I did my best.

You are one of the happening babes in the industry and a lot of people are of the opinion that there is no money in acting. What would you advise the upcoming acts to do to make it?

I will say if you want to be successful in whatever that you are doing, you should put God first and do your best, be obedient, listen to people/positive advice and the sky will be your limit. These are the things I did in secret to get to where I am now.

Why are you still single?

I am not married, which doesn’t mean that I am single but I am not under someone. When I will get married or the man in my life is my private business.

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