Why I’ve Been Feeling Guilty Since My Father Died – Tiwa Savage

Just over a year ago, in 2021, Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage lost her father. These days, she is talking more about how life has changed since then and the guilt she occasionally feels. Tiwa Savage was frank in an interview with NTV Kenya about losing her father and how it has affected her. What Tiwa had to say is as follows.

It all started when Tiwa was asked “You’re now Dr. Tiwa Savage, that is such an incredible honor. Tell me about how it all happened.” She said:

TIWA SAVAGE: Yeah, I just got a call from my manager and she was like they are gonna give you a doctorate. And I was like “wow!”, it was from my old school as well. It’s the school I graduated from in London. So it was overwhelming moreso because my African parents, especially my father who passed away was very big on education. So he would have been more proud of this moment than if I had won a Grammy. For African parents, this is like it for him. So it was really more emotional that this actually happened. I was sad that he wasn’t here to witness it but it was huge for my family.

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