Why Khosi, Not Yemi, Is the Real Player in That House – Jenni O

On Big Brother Titans, we are currently observing housemate Yemi Cregx attempting to balance her relationships with housemates Khosi and Blue Aiva. Everyone has an opinion on the entire triangle saga, which has undoubtedly been one of the most interesting aspects of this year’s Big Brother season.

Jenni O, a former housemate on Big Brother Titans, is one individual who is now talking about it and offering her own opinions on the entire triangle. On a recent appearance on Hot FM radio, Jenni O spoke candidly about why she thinks she was kicked out of the house so quickly, why she thinks Khosi is the true player, and why she doesn’t like Khosi.

During the interview, Jenni O was asked “Why do you think you left the show so early? You didn’t get the chance to show all sides” She said:

JENNI O: I didn’t. Honestly speaking, I feel like I was branded as soon as I came in, even from my face, you will be like “ah, this girl likes trouble o” or “something is going on”. Automatically, I felt like I wasn’t even given a chance. No matter what I did. I’m an alpha woman. I have this aura which is I’m outspoken, I’m going to speak my mind, I’m going to say everything. And obviously, the African culture doesn’t always accept people speaking up for themselves especially as we’re growing up, we’ve always been taught to know “don’t say that, be quiet” and I was born and raised in America you know which is “speak your truth, say your piece, say your mind, whether they are old, young, whatever, you are going to speak your piece. So going into the house and being the outspoken one, it came off as ‘oh, I was aggressive’ and it wasn’t that, and I hate the fact that people saw that side. But that was not what I was trying to portray at all. And that was not my intention. But coming out of the house, this partnering p, and I’m not blaming Mmeli or anything like that, it just sucks that our fate was in each other’s hands.

“How do you feel about Khosi?”

JENNI O: I don’t hate Khosi. She’s never done anything to me personally and I said that in the house as well. I said “she’s never done anything to me personally”, I just don’t gravitate towards her and I don’t care for her.

“What is it about her?”

JENNI O: Her game was annoying me. You guys are watching the game but living in that thing is annoying. Living in the back and forth. This person is squeezing face here, this one is squeezing face here.

“What kind of game do you think she’s playing?”

JENNI O: Listen, she’s playing that player girl. We think Yemi is a bad boy. Ah! Khosi is playing the game!

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