“Why We Woman Don’t Like Visiting Men We Met Online” – Actress Lolade Okusanya Reveal Something Big To Men

In her most recent tweet, Nollywood actress Lolade Okusanya explained why some women on social media prefer not to go see men after receiving money and other perks from them. She remarked in a video that online women dislike seeing males because they are not as attractive in person as they appear to be on social media.

She said that some women suffer from facial conditions like acne and other ailments, which makes them constantly use cosmetics and filters to seem beautiful on social media. She argued that these women are frequently too afraid to visit the man who has been bringing them presents and cash, and that these men ought to cease sending her money and demand to see her first instead of just sending her cash.

In the statement she made in the video, she said, “Online ladies don’t like to visit men because they aren’t beautiful in real life.” Some of them only apply makeup and filters, which make them look more attractive online. Some men will send you money and gifts, but you refuse to visit them because you are afraid because of your big pimples. “Stop sending her money and insist on seeing her first.”

Her most recent article aims to inform men and help them understand why some women they meet online may not want to visit them after receiving gifts and cash from them.

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