“Why will you call me barren” Dayo Amusa lays heavy curses on those who called her barren (Video)

Info reported that Dayo Amusa got into trouble with Nigerians over her support for APC presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and for shading a certain colleague for not campaigning for him.

Dayo Amusa had called out an ‘ingrate’ on Instagram for reportedly claiming someone is a thug.

She claimed the ‘thug’ was responsible for the sponsor of the unidentified person’s welfare.

The actress also alleged that the thug was responsible for her other personal needs.

Although Dayo Amusa did not mention or tag any name on social media, many claimed she was referring to her colleague, Iyabo Ojo.

Her post earned her several backlashes as many trolled her with her sensitive issue. One social media user had used her barrenness to troll her.

In response, Dayo Amusa had gone on Instagram live to bitterly curse them.

The movie star cursed them that as long as God remains, the people who called her barren would experience it as well.

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