You Insulted Me For Several Months – Crossdresser Bobrisky Replies Lord Casted After He Asked For Forgiveness

Keep in mind the young man (Lord Casted), who gained notoriety in 2021 after getting a tattoo of Nigerian Instagram star Bobrisky on his arm.

In a recent video that went viral, Lord Casted was heard claiming that the tattoo machine gave him an illness that he is currently battling. He requested assistance from the people to plead Bobriky’s pardon and see to his well-being. The tattoo is shown in the image below.

In response to the video, Bobrisky stated that he never made anyone get his likeness or name tattooed on their body. He claimed that many people who had tattoos of him did it out of clout and because he was giving away an iPhone and 1 million Naira.

Additionally, Bobrisky claimed that when Lord Casted drew his image on his body, he handed him some cash, however not enough to buy him an iPhone and the amount was less than one million Naira.

The cross-dresser claimed that this infuriated Lord Casted, who thereafter insulted him for several months without receiving a response. He added that watching a video of himself pleading for forgiveness had astounded him.

The young man described his struggles with ailments in a distressing video, attributing them to repercussions from the Bobrisky tattoo on his arm.

Remember how he gained notoriety on social media in March 2021 after getting Bobrisky’s face tattooed on his arm and meeting the crossdresser in person?

Months later, the fan now resembles a shadow of himself; he maintains that the tattoo is to blame for this. According to him, he got the disease from the machine used on his body.

He also begged Nigerians to beg Bobrisky for forgiveness for what he did in a video that is going viral online.

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