‘You need real deliverance’, Peter Okoye att@ck Nigerians who mock him for flaunting his property in US

Peter Okoye, a well-known Nigerian artist and member of PSquare, has criticised Nigerians who criticised him for living opulently overseas.

The musician had previously displayed his opulent American home. In the video, he flaunted the ornately decorated interior of his Atlanta home.

Many people felt he was swaggering in the video, which led to internet outrage. One person compared him to politicians who invest in foreign real estate instead of their own native lands.

Reacting Many Nigerians, according to Peter Okoye, need serious deliverance because they criticise politicians in his comment section for showing off his mansion that was purchased with his hard-earned tax payer money rather than criticising them for using it to buy houses abroad and send their kids to the best schools abroad.

He wrote;

”They use your hard earned tax payers money to buy houses abroad, train there children in the best school abroad. And even go for medical treatment abroad! You come here dey troll me we dey my house for abroad dey do world tour. You need serious deliverance! Ode!

You praise your oppressors that denied you the best things in this life and come February 2023. they will give you 5k to sell your vote for them. And you think I will be affected My brother! My sister I only want A Better Nigeria VOTE WISELY.”

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