Young Lady who assisted a Woman Carry Her Baby Inside a Public Bus runs into Trouble as Child Falls Off Her Hands, Dies

Angry crowds attacked a young woman when a baby she was holding at a bus stop fell off. According to a tweet from @shesamale, the young woman helped the mother carry her child aboard a public bus when she asked her to.

Shesamale claimed that the mother originally approached her, but that she declined, therefore the mother had to find someone else who would agree.

The infant fell just as they were going to get off the bus and died instantaneously. The mother alleged that the young woman had harmed her child in some way.

The young woman from whose hands the child slipped off was attacked by enraged mobs who had assembled at the spot.

Reactions as baby falls from lady’s hands at bus stop

Portharcourt Batman said:

“Truth is, once you’re out in public, mind your business. Invest in earpiece and glasses, e dey save many things.”

Kay Kayode wrote:

“I always reject it. I helped one woman lap her daughter one time. She soaked my cloth with more than one litre of urine. Small sorry she didn’t say. They just got down and moved. Adult like me was sitting there with a trouser soaked in pee. I didn’t even know how to feel.”

Agboola Starr commented:

“That’s crazy. It’s probably a scam. That woman will be forced to drop a huge sum of money and then the child would get up after certain conditions are met. Someone had a similar experience with these kinda people one time. Although I may be wrong. Thank God you didn’t fall for it.”

TherealBorme added:

“I remember the one that was telling her child “sit on this uncle’s leg”.. I just remove my leg and the child fell.”

See tweet below:

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