Your girlfriend’s male bestie is a threat to your relationship – Relationship expert Blessing CEO tells men (Video)

In the video, that surfaced online, Blessing Okoro tells men never to allow their girlfriends have a male bestie as she noted that having a male bestie is a threat to the relationship.

Blessing CEO made this known in the clip shared via her official Instagram page while addressing the topic “Is it possible to actually make bestie as a lady?”

The relationship expert advises men to be very careful as she asserts that there is nothing like a male bestie.

Speaking further, Blessing CEO defines male bestie as a man who is not bold enough to ask out the lady she is interested in for a relationship.

Spilling out more details to men, Blessing CEO says that when a man leaves his girlfriend with her male bestie there will be a lot of pant shifting meaning that something $exu@l is going on between them.

Watch the video below;

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