“Your humility is out of this world” Fans react as Kolawole Ajeyemi humbles himself before veteran Yoruba actors

The humble gesture of Nollywood actor Kolawole Ajeyemi, who prostrates to honour experienced Nollywood actors on a set, has gone viral online.

When he arrived at a film site, Kolawole Ajeyemi tweeted a video of himself kneeling to welcome Yoruba actors Dele Odule and Antar Laniyan.

The actor also mentions some of his contemporaries, like Ayo Olaiya and Ibrahim Chatta.

Nigerians who watched the video and responded to it were moved by Kolawole Ajeyemi’s humility. They praised him profusely on his timeline.

A viral accusation that Kolawole Ajeyemi had cheated on his wife, Toyin Abraham, precedes his post.

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